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Annual Evaluation

On 30, Jul 2013 | In News | By the Office

Thank you everyone for the warm welcome into my new role here in the Southwest District.  I feel privileged and blessed to serve with you for the building of God’s Kingdom in our district.  I look forward to getting to know the churches, laity, and pastors of our district.  And I’m eager to help your church live out its mission for Christ in any way I can.

I have one important item I want to draw to your attention.  This is a required process for all part-time and full-time persons appointed or assigned to a local church.

ANNUAL EVALUATION PROCESS is upon us.  The Evaluation Process is about two things:

First, it is a tool to help your church evaluate your ministry in relation to your mission and the mission field that is your community, and the ways that your pastoral leadership is helping your church engage in ministry in the community.

Second, it is a tool that will help paint a larger picture (along with Charge Conference and Appointment Consultation at the end of the year) of the mission, strengths, and needs of churches and pastors of our district, which in turn will help us make better appointments – matching pastoral vision and gifts for leading congregations with the missional needs and vision of local churches.


Steps to do quickly:

  • Schedule SPR/PPR to meet in August
  • Run a Mission Insight Report and distribute it with the blank Mission Field Study Sheet (new this year) to SPR/PPR in advance.  If you need assistance with the Mission Insight Study, please contact Rebecca Courtney at the District Office (contact info is below).
  • At the SPR/PPR meeting, complete together the Mission Field Study and then allow the team to complete the Pastor Evaluation Form (which should be reviewed together).  Please be sure your SPR/PPR Chair completes and submits the form to the District Office.
  • Complete the Pastor Self Evaluation Form and submit it to District Office
  • Forms are available on the Conference Website and from the Southwest District Website.
  • DUE DATE for forms is ONE WEEK in advance of your interview appointment.  Interview appointment slots are available now from the middle of September into the first week of October.  Contact Rebecca Courtney or Susan Thomas (417-623-2382) to set up your appointment.

Thank you so much for your attention to these things.  I know that sometimes they may feel like more “to do’s” on your already busy schedule, and so I appreciate very much your assistance.  My prayer is that the process also bears fruit for you and for your congregations, helping you and your congregation to bear even greater fruit for the mission of Christ!

God Bless,


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