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By the Office

New online church directory

On 29, Nov 2012 | In Uncategorized | By the Office

One of our new features for this site is to offer an online directory of all our UMC churches inside the Southwest District. In order to provide this we need a few items from you:

  1. A photo or logo
    Please provide art larger then 400kb in size. To check this on a pc, please right click the image you wish to provide and then select properties. The size of the image will be displayed in a pop up window.
  2. Church Address (format: Street, City, Mo Zip code), Phone (10 digits, please), Web address, and Email
    Your web address can be a facebook page or a link to another site that provides additional details on your church/congregation or several.
  3. Worship service times
  4. Select up to 5 services that your church offers from the list below: 
    1. Contemporary Service
    2. Traditional Service
    3. Youth Group
    4. Children’s programs
    5. College age ministry
    6. Small Group Ministries
    7. Childcare during services
    8. Is there something else that is missing from this list that you think is important for us to consider using? Add a comment below and let the discussion start!
  5. Please send all of the above information to:

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