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2016 October



In News

By Rebecca

Overtime Changes for Salaried Employees

On 10, Oct 2016 | In News | By Rebecca

The media has carried news of changes to overtime pay requirements over the last several months. The Department of Labor is reducing the number of employees who do not have to record time and who are not entitled to receive overtime pay.

This reduction means that many employees, including employees of local churches, may now be covered by the overtime rules.

If you did not see the webinar from the conference office, I strongly urge you to go to the conference website and watch it here:

This new law that goes into effect 12/1 can impact church staff.  If you have any questions please contact our office or the conference .




In Laity

By Mitch

Laity Sunday, Oct 16

On 10, Oct 2016 | In Laity | By Mitch

Laity Sunday has been a Methodist tradition since 1929.  It’s the Sunday we observe and recognize the role of  laity in the life of the church.  John Wesley’s reforming movement that came to be called Methodist was marked by the strength of lay leadership.  That was a departure from his Anglican roots.

Laity Sunday calls the Church to celebrate the ministry of all lay Christians as their lives are empowered for ministry by the Holy Spirit.  I always look forward to that celebration and I trust you will also.  There is much to celebrate, for we have been empowered by God’s own Holy Spirit to express “the mind and mission of Christ” in our respective communities of Christ followers.  Unfortunately, this tradition celebrating the laity is largely ignored in most churches.   Use this occasion to lift up the laity and their prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness in your church.

How are you celebrating Laity Sunday?  Please read the notice from Net News below to find more information and resources about Laity Sunday.

From Net News:


Laity Sunday: Tips for Involving Members

United Methodists observe Laity Sunday on Oct. 16 as a day to include church members in the planning and execution of the worship service, but other days can be chosen as well. Darby Jones offers seven tips for including members in the service, and Discipleship Ministries has resources for observing Laity Sunday. Read the story at Worship resources are available at


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