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2014 March



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Each Life Here Save a Life There

On 11, Mar 2014 | In News | By the Office

Each Life Here Save a Life There is a Southwest District Campaign to involve thousands of our folks in making a major contribution toward the eradication of malaria in a simple way.

How can your congregation help?

The idea is that with a simple invitation that will only take a few minutes in worship, we can save 4000, 5000, maybe even 6000 lives from malaria related deaths. On either March 23 or March 30, whichever works best for your church, let the people of your congregation respond to the challenge to give $10 for every one present that day. Maybe you could widen the impact even more by using your Facebook page to promote this event beyond the walls of the church. Invite your church that day during worship to post an invitation to all their FB friends to make a $10 text donation and save another life!

To make that day even simpler, invite your folks to get their phones out and use the text # to make their donations! Each text is a $10 donation. Already, churches in the Missouri Conference have raised over $580,000 and we are pushing toward the goal of $1M. That would be 100,000 lives saved by Methodists in Missouri! Simply text “malaria mo” to 27722 to make your $10 gift.

Look under the “How can I help” tab at for worship, video, and promotional resources.

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